Children participated in the various athletic events on the sports day.


Education, discipline and moral development of the children have been improved.


There is an urgent need for a permanent & bigger residence for the orphans.


A Home for Homeless and Parentless Childer

M.D.D Bal Bhawan (Orphanage) is lovely peaceful ”HOME AWAY HOME” with the sole aim of loving and caring for the lives of those underprivileged deserted orphans, who have nothing & none to claim ask their own. It was established on 6th July 1999 and inaugurated by Dr. Ramesh Kumar, the Chief Medical Officer, Civil Hospital Karnal with two orphans in hired building. The eldest child was 6 and youngest was 4 years old. At present 100 (List Of Children) children are being cared in the BAL Bhawan under the age group of 0 to 16 years. Anathasram (Orphanage) is still running in a rented building paying a monthly rent of Rs.22,000/- .One of the most serious problems we are facing today that at present our accommodation facilities are minimal, for 75 children only but actual there are 100 inmets. The demands for admitting more orphans on are the increase. We are earnestly looking for individual child sponsors. As a foster parent you can adopt an orphan by donating Rs.2,500/- per month (Education, food, Clothing etc.) We shall send all the information regarding the sponsorship.

Children have many dream. Let us pledge to fulfill as many as possible