Let’s Illumine a lamp of knowledge!

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The path of life is not smooth as we think, it has many thorns for us, but for someone, it is more painful, and is full of anguish. As everybody has the right to live, and as a society members we cannot always remain thinking about ourselves, we need to think about those who are deprived and want care and protection. When a child is born, he or she cannot decide his/her future because his parents might have left him somewhere on the road where he/ she is at the mercy of the people of society.

In-equality in society is a blot and needed to be eradicated completely. Being rich and accomplished, we also need to think that someone somewhere is underprivileged and is not getting even the basic amenities. The famous quote money begets money brings out the truth that if richer are getting richer then the poor are obviously in the worst condition. Thus they are not able to provide good education to their loved ones or sometimes cannot even give them food twice a day. Being accomplished is good, however, being contended is more important and is a great feeling. 

God has given us a merciful heart and we need to pity those who can only survive with the money we donate. We, here in  MDD Bal Bhawan  work for the welfare of underprivileged children and assure you that your donation, which is your hard-earned money is in safer hands. We spend on their education, as educating a child is like illumining a lamp of erudite for whole country. Education of a child is like a small drop in ocean for boosting economy, so help us to boost our country`s economy and donate for this noble cause.

 MDD Bal Bhawan want smile on every child`s face and also want a child should be morally and ethically strong, so that the child can further work for the welfare of country. Our noble actions also help to make India crime free, as we help individuals to become a righteous personality who is not only strong in character but also is polite and humble.

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