Meet Founder

P. R. Nath

He belongs to a tiny village of Kerala. After his college education he came over to North India in 1983. He joined as a mess manager in a well-reputed residential School at Karnal in 1996 with a good salary and all other facilities. But these things could not bring peace in his life. Then, he resigned his job and prayed to God for God's guidance day in & day-out. One day early in the morning, at around 02 o’clock in 1998 as he was meditating on God, suddenly a miracle happened, he become half conscious and a soft and sweet voice poured into his ears “Defend the poor and fatherless deliver the poor and needy…Don’t fear I am with you”. The spirit of God put a burden in his heart towards the poor and needy, desperate, destitute, loneliest and lost. This vision opened the gateway of his life dream. His wife, like true partner vowed to obey the dictates of the invisible beckoning by joining hands with him to serve the suffering parentless children. Thus, was born the “Mission to the Desperate and Destitute of India” a charitable society in 1998.
He expresses his profound gratitude to some enlightened, foresighted and kind-hearted friends, guides and philosophers who have helped him to realize this dream into reality. In 1999 established a home in the name of MDD Bal Bhawan. With their generous help, the children are getting physical mental, social, moral and aesthetic awakening and growth. We are still looking forward to many more philanthropists to help the children to have better future for better life

At the end, we fail to find words to thank all the co-worker, well wishers, patrons, those in Govt. Administration, Benefactors and Management of Bal Bhawan for their whole-hearted co-operation. Suggestions for improvement will be gratefully acknowledged. We extended an open ameliorate the suffering of our children and for seeking God’s blessings and benediction.

About the Founder