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Sh. P.R.Nath

From Village Roots to Uprooted Lives: A Man's Mission

Born in a tiny Kerala village, he journeyed north in 1983, seeking opportunity. By 1996, he’d secured a comfortable position managing a mess hall at a prestigious Karnal school. Yet, an emptiness gnawed at him. These comforts weren’t enough for peace in his life.

Yearning for a deeper purpose, he turned to prayer. In 1998, during a pre-dawn meditation, a spiritual awakening shook him. A soft voice whispered, “Defend the poor and fatherless… Don’t fear, I am with you.” This divine call became a burden on his heart, a responsibility towards the forgotten.

With his wife, Smt. Sushma Nath, a true partner in spirit, he answered the call. Leaving his secure life behind, they co-founded the “Mission to the Desperate and Destitute of India” (MDD) in 1998. This wasn’t just a charity; it was a life purpose.

Their journey continued. In July 1999, MDD Bal Bhawan, a haven for needy children, opened its doors. Here, children blossom under holistic care, nurturing their physical, mental, social, moral, and artistic development.

The passage concludes with gratitude to those who helped them reach this point. It also extends a hand, seeking support from philanthropists to secure a brighter future for the children they serve.

The Mission to the Desperate and Destitute of India (MDD) extends its deepest gratitude to all those who have been instrumental in its success. This includes our dedicated co-workers, our unwavering well-wishers, our generous patrons, esteemed members of the government administration, our valued benefactors, and the exceptional management team of Bal Bhawan. Their wholehearted cooperation has been essential in establishing and nurturing a safe haven for the children entrusted to our care. MDD is committed to continuous improvement. We welcome any constructive suggestions that may further enhance the lives of the children under our care. Our mission extends beyond providing physical shelter; we fervently seek God’s blessings to enrich the lives of these children and guide them toward a brighter future.

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