M.D.D. Vocational Training Centre

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M.D.D. Vocational Training Centre

Established on Children’s Day in 2013, the M.D.D. Vocational Training Centre plays a vital role in empowering young people from the M.D.D. Bal Bhawan and underprivileged children in the neighboring village of Phoosgarh. Recognizing the importance of practical skills for future success, the Centre offers targeted training programs in high-demand fields.

These programs include:

Computer training: Equips children with the digital literacy necessary to navigate today’s job market.
Cosmetology (including beautician training): Provides valuable skills in a growing industry, opening doors to careers in salons, spas, or even starting their own businesses.
Tailoring: Teaches the art of garment construction and repair, fostering self-sufficiency and potentially leading to careers in fashion or alterations.

By equipping children with in-demand skills, the M.D.D. Vocational Training Centre goes beyond education. It empowers young individuals with the confidence and practical knowledge to chart their own paths towards meaningful employment and financial independence. This not only benefits themselves, but also strengthens the local community by creating a more skilled and employable workforce.

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