M.D.D. Baby Cradle Center (Palna Ghar)

M.D.D. Baby Cradle Center (Palna Ghar)

Providing Safe Haven for Infants

The M.D.D. Baby Cradle Center (Palna Ghar), established by M.D.D. Bal Bhawan in 2014, stands as a shine of hope for vulnerable infants in the community. Since its doors opened, the center has welcomed a total of 18 precious lives – 15 girls, 2 boys with special needs, and 1 other boy. Each child is embraced with compassion and care, their well-being ensured until permanent, loving homes can be found.

The M.D.D. Baby Cradle Center plays a crucial role in addressing the issue of child abandonment in India. It provides a safe and nurturing environment for these vulnerable children, a place where their basic needs are met and they can experience love and care. The dedication of the staff ensures each child receives proper medical attention, nourishment, and emotional support during this critical time in their lives.

The center’s ultimate goal is to find each child a loving forever home. This process involves careful evaluation and matching to ensure the best possible placement for each child’s unique needs. The M.D.D. Bal Bhawan’s commitment extends beyond the walls of the center, working with adoption agencies and potential families to create a brighter future for these young lives.
The M.D.D. Baby Cradle Center (Palna Ghar) serves as a powerful testament to the importance of compassion and care for vulnerable children. Their work offers a lifeline to these infants, providing them with a safe space and a chance to thrive.

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